What is a Proofreader?

We read through ad campaigns before they go to market and catch any spelling or grammatical errors. In short, we make people look good! We tend to be highly organized, detail-oriented, and enjoy working independently.

This is the job headshot

“I’m something of a perfectionist, who’s on a quest to continually standardize and improve the process.”


This is what I do most days…

I proofread and QA (Quality Assurance) print and digital materials for the agency and our design studio.

I read...

I mark notes and comments on PDFs, which are sent to the Creative and Account Services teams.

I edit...

Once all the edits are made, I check them and prepare the file to be sent to the newspaper, magazine or website for publishing.

I approve...

In their own words:

This job is deadline-driven and can be hectic, but I love being on a team with like-minded individuals, as we all work toward a common goal.



Thinking about becoming a Proofreader?

Explore some of the skills you’ll need

to prepare for the role. 

  • You enjoy the intricacies of language  
  • Impeccable attention to detail 
  • Excellent spelling and grammar 
  • Background in English or writing 
  • Strong organizational skills 
  • Understanding of different text formats and guidelines (MLA, APA, Chicago Style) 

If you think a job as a Proofreader might be right for you, print off your Job Report and take it to a parent, teacher or guidance counsellor to talk about what your next steps should be.