Social Media Manager

What is a Social Media Manager?

We’re the voice behind brands on digital platforms. We engage with consumers on social media, implement content strategies, identify trends, and analyze data. We help brands to build their online presence, and keep users engaged.

“What I love about this role is that it aligns with my interests, and it’s different every day. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t enjoyed my job or haven’t been grateful for it.”

Angelique G.

This is what I do most days…

I monitor brands’ social media pages to understand what users are saying about our clients.

I listen...

I assist with strategizing future social plans for maximum consumer engagement.

I plan...

When problems arise, I link consumers to clients through social media to ensure they receive the assistance they need.

I connect...

In their own words:

I chose this role because of my passion for social media, pop culture, and online trends. I also love the psychological aspect of it; it’s very interesting to me how consumers are affected by advertising and marketing.


Angelique G.

Thinking about becoming a Social Media Manager?

Explore some of the skills you’ll need

to prepare for the role. 

  • Expert knowledge of social media platforms  
  • Ability to maintain a consistent brand voice throughout each platform 
  • Implement content strategies  
  • Able to create content calendars 
  • Able to grow a brand’s online presence through meaningful engagement 
  • Ability to track trends and engagement statistics  
  • Work in conjunction with creatives and different campaigns 
  • Background in marketing  

If you think a job as a Social Media Manager might be right for you, print off your Job Report and take it to a parent, teacher or guidance counsellor to talk about what your next steps should be.