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What is a Copywriter?

We’re the people who bring just the right words to the ads. We spend our days writing copy that persuades, informs and sells products and services. We usually work closely with Art Directors, who make things look amazing while we make things sound amazing.

This is the job headshot

I love that I get to learn something new every day, and make friends with the most creative minds out there!

Carissa V.

This is what I do most days…

I consider the challenge or the task until I fully understand what is really being asked of me.

I think...

I put myself in my audience’s shoes and think of how I’d want to be approached as a consumer.

I strategize...

I find the most compelling, persuasive, economical way of “making my case” in words.

I write...

In their own words:

I got into copywriting because it’s creatively challenging and it’s a skillset that’s adaptable to any industry.


Carissa V.

No two days are ever the same. Timelines change, projects change, and you have to be able to adapt. That’s what makes this career so exciting!


Steve M.

I never wanted to be someone who worked a 9-5 job and did the same thing day in and day out. Advertising opened my eyes to a whole new world and allowed me to be more creative than I could have ever imagined.


Steve M.

Thinking about becoming a Copywriter?

Explore some of the skills you’ll need

to prepare for the role. 


  • Strong creative writing skills 
  • Convey key messaging and ideas quickly and concisely  
  • Detail-oriented  
  • Understanding of spelling and grammar 
  • Ability to think conceptually and creatively  
  • Brainstorm new ideas 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Creative problem solving 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Knowledge of various social media platforms  
  • An understanding of digital programs like Adobe Suite  
  • Portfolio demonstrating writing and creative abilities (blogs, short stories, poetry) 

If you think a job as a Copywriter might be right for you, print off your Job Report and take it to a parent, teacher or guidance counsellor to talk about what your next steps should be.